Space Phunk Booty Junk


DJ Dizzle Phunk Presents: Space Phunk Booty Junk, a mashup from the farthest depths of outer space. The last time he visited our planet, he conquered the streets of SxSw. Since then, the Space Cowboy has been training for his ultimate mission: to find the funkiest sounds planet earth has to offer. DJ Dizzle Phunk takes the most soul shaking elements of rock and roll and funk and fuses them with the infectious hooks of some of the most respected lyricists in hip hop. Only the best of the best have been sampled (Jay-Z, Pharrell, Parliament Funkadelic, Ceelo, Buffalo Killers, Justin Timberlake) and mashed together into one sold space rock, that can only be titled, Space Phunk Booty Junk. DJ Dizzle Phunk is widely known for audaciously live mixing 4 turntables to audiences around the world. His professional DJ career has taken him from basements to being an Official Carnival Cruise Lines DJ. He’s mastered the art of mashups and, with some help from the Family Gang Band, he features live musicians as the icing on his phunky space cake. When you listen to Space Phunk Booty Junk, you float from moon to moon, space-dancing beside the brightest stars. “Single 1” blasts you off into the nebulas, beaming fun, colorful grooves for your astronomical odyssey through space and sound. Come shake your funky junk at this launch party as we ride into space! “Godspeed, my future afronauts.” Dizzle Phunk is on a real life mission to become the first DJ in space.

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