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Universal Funk Orchestra “‘Launching Soon”

Univseral Funk Orchestra (U.F.O.) announce the release date for their first single, “On The Rise,” scheduled to drop Friday, April 20, 2018.

Universal Funk Orchestra is a supergroup of sorts fronted by DJ Dizzlephunk (Family Gang, American Jesus, Unit Shifters). UFO’s current line-up is a veritable who’s who of their current scene, while retaining the familial ties of the past. From the positive rapid-fire raps of Brian B-True (Windchime, Horizen), the smooth-to-greasy Saxophone work of Joe Capati (The Mellow Relics, Gary Lazer Eyes), the energetic drumming of Chris LeBrane (Family Gang, Kaleigh Baker Band, and NEM, The Aristocracy), to the frenetic kinetic guitar power of The Jester (Family Gang, Jester Royale, Tears of a Tyrant), Universal Funk Orchestra’s sonic drive reaches far into many different atmospheres.

Leading up to the release of their single, “On The Rise,” on 4/20, U.F.O. is scheduled to release a five-part video series documenting their time creating together.

Bringing a positive message; bringing a positive vibe to the people.”